Tap your heels and follow the yellow brick road.

Bettina Schopphoff always had painting in her soul. She did not play with dolls but she rather drew, arranged, modified, revisited. Her world had never been colorful enough. Young, she repainted her grandmother's shoes, scribbled her sketchbooks. "An erasure then hop, a flower pot, it's still prettier! ". In high school, excelling in plastic arts, she’s intrusted with more ambitious projects, she realizes the sets of the year-end shows. With her diploma in hand, she goes to study literature in Germany. The drawing does not leave her and gradually, in a busy family life, painting manages to make its way until it became a vital ingredient of her daily life.


For Bettina, each painting is a challenge, as it grows in her in an autonomous way until its outcome. If Bettina leaves her studio and her brushes it's never without her sketchbook.


Her work is based on the experience of emotion, Bettina grasps things as if she's watching them for the first time. Her painting is a constant research for moments, reflections, movements, emotions that all tell stories. Her brush strokes are brisk, intense, colorful and offer a new perspective on the world. Any amount of paint Bettina mixes, plate, overlays, tent, launches her paintings with humor and shift.


Whether it be a giraffe chewing a chewing gum, a garden gnome in posture or a group of chubby ladies, hes subjects are personal translations of what is the leitmotiv of hes life: never stop praising optimism. After the rain comes the sun, and always dance in the rain.


Through the many facets of her life, Bettina has learned something essential that she transmits to us in her work : you just have to change your point of view and things can become extraordinary.


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